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No Diet Day.... May 6th

I thought this was rather interesting.. a no diet day.... I don't know anyone that's not talking about being on and getting on a diet even those that are a size 6 and under...  I'm a firm believer in the fact that our overly processed foods and chemicals are what's wrong with us... but anyway... here's the link

International No Diet Day

Intro Post - normally just lurk & comment

Hi all,
I figured I'd follow Dolly's lead and post an intro :).

Here we go

Name: Bridget aka bggallag

Gender: girl

Age: 30

Location:  Maryland

Tell us a little about yourself?
I'm petite, and I've also gained weight in my late 20's.  I'm trying to lose (same ol', same ol' story, but this time for health reasons).  If you are petite, you have nowhere to grow but out.  I wish I were an inch or 2 taller.

But I do like the voluptuous look on some women, it's beautiful.  I can make it work when / if I want to, lol!

I live in a condo in Maryland with 2 cats, and work in a state government agency as a secretary, plus going back to school very part-time for medical transcription.

What would you like to get out of this group experience?
I was hoping to join in group discussions on BBW fashion, such as over in the fashion community...particularly in the area of petite plus-sized women, plus also have a support group.

This is a picture of my sisters and I (I'm the one wearing the black Guiness shirt), on the island of Nevis, in the Caribbean, West Indies, for Christmas.  My sisters are so damn skinny and athletic, lol.  My future brother-in-law is the one taking the picture.

i usually lurk, but here's an intro!

Name: dolly

Sex: Gender: girl

Age: 30

Location: Michigan, US

Tell us a little about yourself?
i'm fat. i've always been fat. i'm pretty accepting of my fatness, but i have bad days once in awhile. i want to make the world less fat-phobic. i have undergrad degrees in chemistry and forensic science. i'm in school now for a master's in technology studies (focusing on public education to teach the world about science). i live with my fiance and his rat terror and my kitty.

What would you like to get out of this group experience?
i'm sorry, i can never answer these questions. heh.

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"dude Intro!"

In a realationship and emotionally engaged
Just wanted to say hi and intorduce myself. I am new to BBW and fat acceptance movement but I really just am looking for some more BBW friends and hope to become involved in the community. and I can't wait to blog more and such. I want to be a Journalist, I am a sophomore in college.

Intro Post

Name: Sarah
Sex: Female
Age: 26 (27 in June)
Location: Hervey Bay, Qld, Australia
Tell us a little about yourself? I'm the mother of two beautiful children, I'm partnered (married of the heart, not yet of the law) to their father. We've been together for 8 years. I'm intense, sensetive ans friendly. I'm also horribly low on self esteem
What would you like to get out of this group experience? As I said above, I've virtually no self esteem. I've never had any 'bigger' friends who know the things I go through on a day to day (week to week etc) basis. I'd love to befriend some confident, intellegent, sassy people who can hopefull spread their joy and enthusiasm to me.

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in response to the poll.

Well, there aren't a lot watching.... at least none that vote but 2.  =(   That's ok though I believe there are more out there they're just shy. ;)

well... first off I found this page with a bunch of links on it that are "fat positive"  thing is most are personal pages and some aren't up anymore but I'm gonna put it and some friends here in case anyone would like to explore.






Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

First I'd like to start by saying that this syndrome affects a lot of women that are "obese."  PCOS can keep you from losing weight (even when you try) and it can keep you from having children. I have it... Ironically all my friends have it. (most found out after we were friends) They say in this article that 1 out of 10 women have it... I do think that one thing they say in this article is just wrong... It talks about losing weight will make it better... it doesn't mention that the nature of PCOS stakes the odds against you.  I do believe that the weight loss will help it's just that I think it's rather mean to say it and not mention that it will be harder because you have PCOS. Now one thing it talks about in here that I for a fact is true.  Metformin (Glucophage®) is a very effective treatment in my case. It lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure and got me on cycle. It helped a dear friend of mine have a baby.  Soooo here's the government's take on PCOS and the article I've been talking about.


Let's see who's watching... =\

Poll #1149665 Let's see what you guys think!

What is something you'd like to see more of in this community?

Are there issues that you'd like to know more about or see discussions on?

What issues would you like to have a discussions about?

Building Your Child's Self Esteem

Factors affecting children's self esteem:

  • How much the child feels wanted, appreciated and loved
  • How your child sees himself, often built from what parents and those close say
  • His or her sense of achievement 
  • How the child relates to others 

Your child's self esteem can be increased by you:

  • Appreciating your child
  • Telling your child that you love them
  • Spending time with your child
  • Encouraging your child to make choices
  • Fostering independence in your children
  • Giving genuine importance to your child's opinion and listening
  • Taking the time to explain reasons 
  • Feeding your child with positive encouragement
  • Encouraging your child to try new and challenging activities

Appreciating your child

A child's self esteem will suffer if he or she is not appreciated. Children know if you are sincere or not. If you spend time together you must enjoy or there is no point. Show appreciation at all times. Tell your child you love him or her - this is appreciation. Thanking a child when he does something good is reward enough. Children like to please.


Esteem is boosted with your encouragement. Encourage decision-making, this will lead to a feeling of confidence and independence. 


Self esteem comes from what you think about yourself, praise is external. I do not agree entirely with some who say praise creates kids addicted to it and then needing praise to feel good. Encouragement is better than praise. I was often told "could do better" and this lead me to feel no matter what I did it would not be good enough to please others.

Mutual respect

Children's self esteem will be higher if you treat him or her seriously and with respect. Explain to the child everything and treat him as an intelligent individual able to understand and reach conclusions. You want to be treated like this and children are no different. A child who is belittled, patronized or put down will suffer lack of confidence. Mutual respect will foster trust and confidence.

Dealing with failure

If the child fails he must not feel a failure. Teach a child failure doesn't exist only temporary setbacks on the road to success. Never tell a child he has failed, let you down or cannot succeed. Be a mentor and help the child to believe in his or her ability to succeed no matter how long it takes!

Self Esteem part two (same site)

Low Self Esteem can be cured! Here is how

A poor sense of self esteem can be beaten. Low self esteem cannot survive if you follow what I have to say: Believe it, I have done it and you can too.

You can begin living a life filled with more happiness and meaning now! 

Poor self esteem can be unlearnt so take heart there is help! 

Low Self Esteem - Here's what to do:

  • Low self esteem feeds on negative messages and thoughts so Don't indulge in self criticism. Why are you joining the other side to wage war against yourself? Silence your inner judge.
  • You can choose to please yourself before others. It is considerate when you care about others feelings but aren't your needs just as important? Don't neglect yourself!
  • Don't try to be like someone else. This leads to lack of self worth and confidence. You are unique and you cannot be someone else. Strive to be better yes but don't criticise yourself for not being as successful, as beautiful, as slim or as popular as somone else. You deserve better.
  • Take life and yourself less seriously. Failure just means you are not successful YET. Everybody fails on their way to succeeding, don't look on it as failure but as a means to learning. Perhaps you just need a change of direction. Problems can make you stronger if you strive to overcome them.
  • Self worth, confidence and assuredness will increase when you Focus on your needs and desires. You deserve to live life as you want. This is not selfishness as what you want doesn't hurt others or prevent them from living life on their terms.
  • Focus on your successes. Lack of confidence feeds on your feelings of failure and inadequacy. Remember the truly successful things you have done in your life. Reward yourself when you do succeed.

    read my review - FREE self confidence course I found really useful

  • Use positive affirmations and quotes. Read them every day or when you are feeling negative and need inspiration. Click here for a list of affirmations  

  • Use visualisation to help you achieve your dreams and increase your self esteem! 
  • Focus on your strengths. Use them. You will succeed if you are true to yourself.
  • Develop and work at achieving your goals. If you do this your confidence will increase and you will feel positive. 
  • Your self criticism will die to nothing as you will know even if you do not succeed you tried all you could. Do your best at everything you try.  
  • Feed your brain. Read inspiring books - they will really help you. Not just any books though, read the best. Check out my selection of awesome titles, you'll be glad you did....click now!